Rolex replica: Whence comes the name of the most famous clocks in the world?

The Rolex replica, the most luxurious and beautiful replica watches in the world, have a history of over 100 years that few know. Like how selected and what their name.

According to information from the official company Site, the famous brand seems to have conquered the world with a rather simple business strategy.
The founder, Hans Wilsdorf, wanted the new replica watch company created to have a short name, which could be easily said by people who speak any language. Also looking for a name that would look beautiful when they appeared upon the clocks and, in parallel, it would be symmetrical in capital letters.

So, he tried to combine the letters of the alphabet in all possible ways leading to form hundreds of names, including, but none seemed right. Until, one morning, as he was upstairs London bus, came the word «Rolex» in mind.
Apart from this version of the origin of the name given in the company’s Site, there are two other scenarios. According to the former, Wilsdorf thought the pronunciation «Rolex» seems, somehow, with the sounds of specific indicators when replica watches are moved. And, according to the second, the name of the brand comes from an abbreviation of the phrase “hoROLogical Excellence”, which means “perfection in watchmaking.” However, none of these two scenarios is not confirmed.

In any case, the word «Rolex replica» has a particular meaning in any language. And while hiding the British roots of the company, which began operating in London in 1908 and moved to Geneva, Switzerland in 1919.

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