With the Breitling Replica you will feel like an aviator

What do you think Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford have in common besides being famous Hollywood celebrities and excellent actors? The answer is that both are ambassadors for the same brand of Breitling replica watches. Although this brand is known in the world of celebrities or the wealthy, for those who are not as much as they or are not so fond of watches, this mark can overlook us. So in this first post of Breitling replica watches you will know a little about one of his many ambassadors and the clock that shows us.
If they saw the extensive list that I found close to the different celebrities who are and have been ambassadors for this brand of replica watches, they would not believe it. With this, we will have many more posts to talk about this important accessory Breitling. So the first protagonist of my first post of Breitling, is Harrison Ford wearing the Breitling Aerospace watch. This eye-catching men’s watch has undergone a series of changes since its first release in ’85, so it’s no wonder you see many and varied photos of this piece. As for Harrison, do not think that the actor is ambassador of this watch for being only a celebrity, it is also because he is a training pilot and also participates in rescue operations. Great actor (especially in the saga Indiana Jones) worthy ambassador of a great watch.

So if you like aviation or just like to wear accessories like the size of Breitling watches, do not hesitate to purchase a Breitling Aerospace Replica at a much more reasonable price and at your fingertips.

Like supermodel Cindy Crawford with an Omega replica

Omega replica watch cindy crawford replica The supermodel concept mainly refers to a small group of models that reached the top in the ’80s. One of them was Cindy Crawford who still retains a great look that usually complements with an Omega watch.


It is true that today there are great models but, it was in the 80’s when a select group of young models achieved an unparalleled fame. Personally, Cindy Crawford always struck me as special, although perhaps at the time the one that had the most repercussion was Claudia Schiffer. But if the other supermodels stood out for their scandals, Cindy did it for her elegance.
Replica omega watch crawford cindy Although she is a bit older to keep on parading, there are still many brands that would kill Cindy because of her models. Well, in watches, Cindy is from Omega, a brand that always tries to choose representatives who are characterized, more than other attributes, for its elegant style.

He recently presented the collection for the summer of 2014 with a spectacular swimsuit. And is that by Cindy Crawford does not spend time nor through a replica Omega watch.

Being like Cindy Crawford is, unfortunately, impossible … so at least I will save money and settle for an Omega replica.

Replica Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute

With limited edition Navitimer Cosmonaute, Breitling replica celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first wrist chronograph to have traveled to space. On May 24, 1962, a Breitling Navitimer replica watches chronograph was the first pulse instrument to conquer the space, accompanying the Aurora 7 mission. To celebrate the fifty years of this historic feat, the brand puts into orbit a new Navitimer Cosmonaute, Equipped with a high-performance manufacturing movement, fully designed and manufactured in its workshops.

This limited series of 1962 exemplars is distinguished by the 24-hour display and the manual chord – two homage to the 1962 chronograph – and the Aurora 7 mission symbol engraved on the bottom of the box. Thus, the legend Navitimer Cosmonaute continues.

Space baptism | In the early sixties, the conquest of space was a matter of dispute between the superpowers. The Americans have launched the Mercury Program, designed to develop manned flights. They seek an efficient, accurate and reliable chronograph, capable of withstanding extraordinary conditions. They then turn to replica Breitling, a provider of world aviation and a privileged partner in important aeronautical events. The Navitimer, a pilots cult replica watch, created in 1952, with its famous circular slide rule that allowed all operations related to air navigation, was established as an ideal instrument to overcome this challenge. He faces all adversities successfully.

On May 24, 1962, Lieutenant Commander Scott Carpenter makes three orbits around the Earth aboard the Aurora 7 capsule. On his wrist, a Navitimer endowed with a 24-hour graduation that distinguishes day of the night – a Need in space. Mission Accomplished. For Breitling replica watches, it was a new consecration, and this pioneer of space conquest quickly entered the collections of the brand with the name Cosmonaute.

The New Batman also uses a Rolex Replica


This post I did taking advantage that these days Ben Affleck is in fashion, you know why? Well because it will be the new Batman … siiii or through the movie Batman will make a premiere, but this time with another talented Hollywood actor, also read that this tape promises to be more innovative and a little different from the superhero costume. Hopefully they will keep us very focused watching this new movie that will be released until 2015, Ben is not my favorite actor and I am not really sure that the role of Batman will fit him, which if I am sure we will see in The movie a lot of action, villains and good against evil (winning as always good) that is what we like.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual replica

Like every respected celebrity, Ben is also a fan of one of the world’s most widely recognized watch brands such as Rolex replica. So not only takes his watch in his moments of relaxation but also part of the recordings, this time the filming of the film Argo where he plays Tony Méndez. In the photo you can see Ben wearing a replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner. I love the combination of black with silver on this watch!

Are you looking for a replica watch like this but can not afford the $ 8,500 that approximately costs this watch? Then what you need is to get a replica Rolex at a much more affordable price and at your fingertips!

The Powerful Breitling Superocean Replica Watches

Today we will talk about a replica watch that is the dream of many lovers of high watch: the Breitling Superocean. The replica watch was launched in 1957 and Breitling has always sought to improve it so that the model could accompany professional, military and even recreational divers in all seas of the world and at the deepest depths.

The whole replica watch is adapted for the practice of diving. Arabic numerals are large and legible that glow in the dark and the dial has a countdown decreasing from the last fifteen minutes of the dive time and a triangle with a luminescent reference point at 12 o’clock.

In addition, the satin or polished steel case of the watch is reinforced, so that it withstands depths from 200m to 1000m, having the options of blue and black dials. The movements of the model are mechanics of automatic rope, besides having chronometers certified by the COSC (Swiss Official Control of the Chronometers), which guarantees a perfect and precise performance.

The Breitling Superocean replica watches is a stylish watch that combines style and performance. A model with an optimized design, being ideal for sports practices at great depths. A Swiss brand like replica Breitling, which has the tradition of high watchmaking since 1884 could not do anything less than a flawless watch like that, right?

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