Rolex is the new partner and the official timer in Formula 1

In Formula 1, things evolve speed both on the track and beyond. Enthusiastically announced in 2010, the partnership with Hublot ends after only three years, but leave room for another industry giant watch -fake Rolex.
Standards achieved by Hublot as its official partner of Formula 1 were elevated to the highest peaks in this period, in particular by launching F1 King Power collection, and it remains to be seen whether fake Rolex can improve it. Rolex replica is but one of the biggest luxury brands in the world and an active sponsor of the competitions are therefore prerequisites for a successful collaboration are insured.

Seen as a more conservative brand, Rolex replica philosophy differs greatly from the dynamism displayed by Hublot (see 2 advertising posters for comparison below). But its resources and experience of involvement with the sports like skiing, tennis, golf, horse riding and other motor sports can bring an experience at least as interesting.
Formula 1 is one of the most watched sporting events in the world with approximately 500 million viewers annually. Combining itself advanced technology, innovation, reputation and competitive spirit, Formula 1 is an excellent medium to promote and develop for any brand, but also provides many challenges.

Archetype diving replica watches – Rolex Oyster Submariner

Solid and functional design watches Oyster Perpetual Submariner replica became the Divers watches very quickly icon. Its slightly modified sleeve Oyster distinctive dial with large luminescent hourly indexes cerachromovou rotating bezel and solid metal articles move is the latest generation of watches Submariner Submariner Date and fully in line with the original model to be launched in 1953.

The basic function of Rolex Submariner replica watches is the rotating bezel. Do steadies the engraved 60-minute scale, which allows divers to safely and accurately measure the time and decompression breaks. Cerachromová bezel is made of a hard and corrosion ceramic. Comes directly from Rolex and is scratch resistant. Luminescent point at zero index ensures legibility even in the darkest environments. The grooved edge steadies was designed specifically to allow divers to safely grasp the bezel under water, even when wearing gloves.

The first Submariner watches that are water resistant to a depth of 100 meters (330 feet), were launched in 1953. The replica watches were specially designed for underwater research and diving. They were strong steel tension and extra strong, waterproof case Oyster. Model of 1959 increased the average steadies from the original 36 mm to 40 mm and equipped watches protected crown. Another change undergone watch in 1969, when the dial was added to “3” dater and created a model Submariner Date.

Thanks to further innovation models Submariner Date in 1979 became waterproof up to a depth of 300 meters (1000 feet). Nowadays this is normal and optimal depth for safe diving. In 2008, the Submariner Date replica watches stylishly enhanced by the fact that they were equipped with the new rotating bezel almost unscratchable cerachromovou the scales in a gold or platinum finish. After decades showed diving watches from Rolex date until 2013, when it comes to market a new model Submariner in steel with a black dial under ref. Number 114,060th


Housing OYSTER model Submariner watch is waterproof up to a depth of 300 m (1000 ft). Highly accurate perpetuálnímu grinder provides optimal protection against water, dust, shock and pressure. The middle part of the housing with guard for the crown is either made from a solid block special stainless steel 904L, or 18 kt gold. Characteristically grooved crown is hermetically screwed a special tool, which is available only to the master watchmakers Rolex. Crown winding patented three stage system waterproof Triplock is fixedly screwed into the housing, thereby for watertight closure. The slide is made of synthetic sapphire which is highly resistant to scratching.

Chromalight display on the dial represents innovation that overcomes the boundaries of visibility in dark environments. Blue light dim light duration is of equal quality to 8 hours, which is almost twice as long as conventional luminescent materials.

Triplock crown winding system is the patented triple ensure water tightness, which was developed specifically for divers. U Series Submariner watches and some other professional models, this system ensures resistance against water pressure to a depth of 300 meters (1000 feet). At the Rolex Deepsea is increased resistance to water pressure up to a depth of 3,900 meters (12,800 feet). A threefold system to ensure water tightness Triplock was first introduced in 1970. This system contains 10 different parts, which are made from the most reliable and highest quality materials. E.g. Stretchy crown is screwed into the housing Oyster equally firmly and hermetically, as when closing the hatch on the submarine.

Models range of watches Submariner Submariner Date and are driven on the one hand caliber 3130 (Submariner) as well as the caliber 3135 (Submariner Date). It is the mechanical movements are samonátahem from Rolex. Both perpetual machines have successfully passed the tests of the Swiss testing institute for official chronometer (COSC). Shavers are equipped parachromovým Vlaski providing greater resistance to shocks and temperature changes.

If you are interested in Rolex replica Oyster Perpetual Submariner and wanted to know more about them and would like to see them live or you want to test on your wrist like to welcome you to one of our stores.

Rolex replica: Whence comes the name of the most famous clocks in the world?

The Rolex replica, the most luxurious and beautiful replica watches in the world, have a history of over 100 years that few know. Like how selected and what their name.

According to information from the official company Site, the famous brand seems to have conquered the world with a rather simple business strategy.
The founder, Hans Wilsdorf, wanted the new replica watch company created to have a short name, which could be easily said by people who speak any language. Also looking for a name that would look beautiful when they appeared upon the clocks and, in parallel, it would be symmetrical in capital letters.

So, he tried to combine the letters of the alphabet in all possible ways leading to form hundreds of names, including, but none seemed right. Until, one morning, as he was upstairs London bus, came the word «Rolex» in mind.
Apart from this version of the origin of the name given in the company’s Site, there are two other scenarios. According to the former, Wilsdorf thought the pronunciation «Rolex» seems, somehow, with the sounds of specific indicators when replica watches are moved. And, according to the second, the name of the brand comes from an abbreviation of the phrase “hoROLogical Excellence”, which means “perfection in watchmaking.” However, none of these two scenarios is not confirmed.

In any case, the word «Rolex replica» has a particular meaning in any language. And while hiding the British roots of the company, which began operating in London in 1908 and moved to Geneva, Switzerland in 1919.

Omega Replica Watches Liquidmetal – the story continues

After being the world’s attention during the recent Olympic Games încheiatelor prestigious replica Omega brand is now the protagonist of a new patent, this time for a new type of material used to manufacture the replica watches uk: Liquidmetal.

It is a metallic alloy, developed by a team of researchers own Swatch Group in collaboration with specialists, alloy characterized by a non-crystalline atomic structure irregular and amorphous surface. The melting temperature of Liquidmetal’s is close to half that of conventional titanium alloys, but when cooled hardness is 3 times higher than that of steel.
Liquidmetal this makes it a highly suitable material for making telescopes for replica watches as easily adhere to high-tech ceramics. With granular than a tenth of a millimeter, alloy patented Omega replica can serve very well to burn various markings on the rear window, providing great visibility and long wear. In the manufacture’s Liquidmetal use different proportions of zirconium, titanium, copper, nickel and beryllium.

Omega replica once again proves the high level of technology and excellence in manufacturing watches achieved their laboratories, which joins the achievements of ancient mechanism coaxial coil and silicon.

The first clock that will benefit new Seamaster Planet Ocean material will be Liquidmetal® Limited Edition, equipped with Omega caliber 2500 Co-Axial.

Rolex Daytona Replica Watch – Imitation or Authentic

The original Rolex Daytona became an icon in the early 60’s when the first series was introduced. It was produced until the end of the 80’s and remains one of the most exclusive and expensive luxury lines ever created. Part of the excitement comes from the fact that each model had a unique four-digit code that made them the ideal collectibles, especially today. Although a second series was introduced in the early 1990s and is still produced, the first series remains iconic. Rolex is the main sponsor of the Daytona 24 Hours race and the watch was designed, from the beginning, to have the incredible precision that car enthusiasts are looking for. Over the years, the Daytona, as well as other Rolex replica watches, became popular due to the status symbol they represent.


Being such an important luxury icon, it is one of the most falsified models in the world and that means that there are many bad copies that do not deserve to be named. Of course, there are good imitations but, as a rule, they are difficult to find due to the abundance of cheap watches. To better understand the most common differences when purchasing a replica of a Rolex Daytona, we will make a small comparison between a good copy and the original watch.

What stands out from the outset from the outset is the quality of the steel. The authentic Rolex watches are made from a single block of high quality steel, which gives them a unique look and feel. Replica watches are not made exactly the same way and that can be noticed with a good eye.


A fairly common difference is the brooch. While not so obvious, the location of the Rolex crown is different and also the size of the clasp. The letters written on the inside of the brooch are also different.

The mistakes are quite small and most people would not even notice them, and this is how a good replica watch should look. The weight of the watch can be a good indicator of the quality of the steel used and is the reason why some stores include this detail in the descriptions. In general, it is a well made copy.